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Nils-Robert Persson
Nils-Robert Persson (2).JPG
Occupation Chairman Of The Board
Employer Vermiculus Financial Technology
Location Stockholm, Sweden
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Nils-Robert Persson is a Stockholm-based technology executive who serves as the chairman of Vermiculus Financial Technology.

He is the former executive chairman of the board for Cinnober Financial Technology, the Sweden-based provider of electronic trading platforms. He stepped down from the post in February 2019, following the sale of Cinnober to Nasdaq.

He was the largest shareholder in Cinnober and helped lead the company to global status as a provider of clearing, surveillance and trading platforms for some of the largest exchanges in the world.[1]


He first held the position as chairman of Cinnober’s board from 2000 to 2006, when he took a position as an executive board member. He was elected chairman once again at the annual general meeting in 2008.

Persson is also chairman of Triona AB and a board member of Neonet,[2] (a DMA broker listed at OMX), Zaramant Healthcare Fund and several seed companies.

Before joining Cinnober, Persson worked for nine years at OMX (Formerly the OM Group) where he was responsible for business development. He was CEO for OM Stockholm and deputy CEO for the OM Group with responsibility for the transaction division including all exchanges and clearing houses in the group.

He also acted as chairman of OMLX, the London-based derivatives exchange, SOM, the Finnish derivatives exchange and VPA, a back-office for-hire company.

In the international arena Persson has been appointed board member in the European Association of Clearing Houses (EACH), and a member of the (International Option Markets Association) (IOMA).

Before OM, Persson served as project manager and CEO for PmI, PenningmarknadsInformation AB, a market data company for fixed income products established by the Swedish central bank and four major investment banks. Prior to that, he worked for SEB, formerly SE Banken, in 1982.

In December of 2011, he was named entrepreneur of the year by Swedish business magazine Nya Affäre.[3]

In November 2013, Persson was nominated for the Guldklubban (Golden Gavel), an award which is given annually in Sweden to recognize "meritorious chairmanship."[4]


Persson holds a master of science degree in industrial engineering and management from Linköpings Tekniska Högskola.

Five Minute Interview[edit]


Persson spoke at the 2015 MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity Summer Intern Education Series in London.

How to Manage a Challenge

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"You should be prepared to walk on thin ice. It's not dangerous if you know what you are doing."

In this video from JLN's annual series with industry leaders, Cinnober Executive Chairman Nils-Robert Persson details the company’s strategy for 2018 and it’s investment activities in 2017, including the acquisition of Ancoa, now rebranded Irisium.

In this video from FIA IDX, Cinnober’s Chairman of the Board, Nils-Robert Persson, takes us through recent developments in clearing and what the next steps ought to be.



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