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OTC Global Holdings
Founded 2007
Headquarters Houston & New York
Key People E. Javier Loya, Chairman & CEO; Joseph F. Kelly, President & CEO
Twitter @otcgh
LinkedIn Profile
Website http://www.otcgh.com/
Releases Company News

Formed in 2007, OTC Global Holdings has become the world’s largest independent institutional broker of commodities, covering financial and physical instruments from offices in Chicago, Des Moines, Geneva, Houston, London, Louisville, New Jersey, New York and Singapore. [1]

The company is a liquidity provider on CBOT, ICE and NYMEX and NFX. It offers derivatives contracts in biofuels, emissions, commodity index products, crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), metals, petrochemicals and refined products, power, proppants, soft commodities, and weather. The company serves more than 450 institutional clients, including over 70 members of the Global Fortune 500, and transacts in hundreds of different commodity delivery points in Asia, Europe and the Americas.[2]

The company’s portfolio of nearly 20 companies working in the listed and OTC markets includes:

  • Aalpha Energy US [3]
  • Black Barrel Energy, LP [4]
  • Choice Environmental, LLC [5]
  • Choice Natural Gas, LP [6]
  • Choice Power, LP [7]
  • Edge Energy, LLC [8]
  • Edge Environmental [9]
  • Elite Brokers, LLC [10]
  • EOX Holdings, LLC [11]
  • Equus Energy [12]
  • Futures International [13]
  • Ion Energy Group [14]
  • OTC Europe, LLP [15]
  • Pinnacle Derivatives Group, LLC [16]
  • Power Merchants Group, LLC [17]
  • PVO Energy, LP [18]
  • Riviera Commodities [19]
  • Oil Brokerage [20]

Products and Services[edit]

OTC Global Holdings has markets in the following commodities:

  • Energy - Brent, Butane, Ethane, Gasoil, Crude, LPG, Natural Gas, Natural Gasoline, Propane, WTI [21]
  • Power - Fixed Price, Heat Rates, Zonal Basis, Financial, Ancillary Services [22]
  • Agriculture - Soybeans, Soybean meal, Soybean Oil, Corn, Wheat [23]3

Market Data

OTC Global Holdings (EOXlive) offers market data reports which cover nearly all asset classes brokered through OTCGH member firms. It offers data for use in pre-trade analysis, mark-to-market valuation and trade reconciliation. A unique feature of the market data is the fusion of trades and quotes along with public data that is then processed by an algorithm to produce granular and unbiased data.

The market data algorithm generates fully granular forward curves and implied volatilities via five model runs each day which include: European Gas and Power forward curves, North American (NA) Natural Gas Basis and Power forward curves each with 120 months of monthly granularity, NA Natural Gas implied volatilities covering basis options markets data, Power implied volatilities covering NA electricity options, global Natural Gas Liquids forward curves, NA Power/Natural Gas forward correlations, global Crude Oil forward curves, global Coal forward curves, global Freight forward curves, global NGL's forward curves, global Refined Products forward curves, European Crude Oil and Refined Products forward curves.

History Timeline[edit]

  • August 2019 - OTC Global Holdings announces it will generate market data reports multiple times throughout the global business day to provide continuous coverage to clients across all continents.
  • July 2019 - OTC Global Holdings Launches European Gas and Power Forward Curves.
  • July 2018 - OTC Global Holdings Launches Freight Forward Curves.
  • May 2018 - OTC Global Holdings Launches Coal Forward Curves.
  • October 2017- OTC Global Holdings announces the acquisition of Oil Brokerage Limited, a London-based global physical and financial oil products firm.
  • February 2016 - OTC Global Holding's P&P Oil announces new London desk focused on physical middle distillates.
  • May 2015 - OTC Global Holding's Energy announces new London desk.
  • March 2015 - OTC Global Holdings’ EOXLive Markets made available on Trading Technologies’ TT Platform.
  • February 2015 - OTC Global Holdings launches EOXLive Markets.
  • November 2014 - OTC Global Holdings’ Aalpha Energy expands into U.S.
  • August 2014 - OTC Global Holdings Releases Crude Oil Forward Curves.
  • April 2014 - OTC Global Holdings Launches Refined Products Forward Curves.
  • February 2014 - OTC Europe, LLP Forms Aalpha Energy.
  • October 2013 - OTC Global Holdings Launches Natural Gas Liquids Forward Curves.
  • February 2013 - OTC Global Holdings Launches Natural Gas and Power Forward Curves, Power Implied Volatilities and Natural Gas Implied Volatilities products.
  • September 2012 - EOXLive Announces Partnership With TheStreet.
  • July 2012 - OTC Europe launches freight derivatives desk and Interactive Data launches FutureSource Workstation Version 3.4, which includes EOX Holdings content.
  • March 2012 - GlobalView adds EOX Holdings’ over-the-counter forward curves.
  • February 2012 - EOX Holdings and Updata combine over-the-counter forward curves and advanced trading analytics.
  • November 2011 - OTC Global Holdings joins CME ConfirmHub for Energy straight-through-processing.
  • October 2011 - OTC Global Holdings collaborates with CME Group to deliver the industry’s first on-demand over-the-counter market data.
  • June 2011 - EOX Holdings Launches End-of-Day Forward Curve Products.
  • May 2011 - OTC Global Holdings forms Equus Energy Group LLC in Louisville.
  • March 2011 - Choice Power, a division of OTC Global Holdings, forms Northeast Power Brokerage Desk in Houston and New York.
  • December 2010 - OTC Europe, LLP in London expands into coal and coal derivatives broking.
  • November 2010 - OTC Global Holdings Joins ICE eConfirm Broker Matching Service.
  • August 2010 - OTC Global Holdings forms OTC Europe, LLP in London with two new divisions (Ion Energy and P&P Oil).
  • July 2010 - EOX Holdings Unveils OTC Energy Market Data Offering.
  • January 2010 - Choice Environmental LLC Brokers First CME-Cleared Snowfall Trade.
  • June 2009 - OTC Global Holdings acquires stake in Futures International LLC in Chicago and OTC Global Holdings brokers first non-energy commodity.
  • May 2009 - OTC Global Holdings forms Edge Energy LLC in Sugar Land, and EOXLive adds OTC energy industry’s first wholesale electronic fixed price swap and swap spread markets in natural gas.
  • March 2009 - OTC Global Holdings forms Riviera Commodities LLC in New York.
  • November 2008 - OTC Global Holdings forms ION Energy Group in New York and Pinnacle Derivatives Group LLC in Jersey City.
  • October 2008 - OTC Global Holdings forms Paradigm Brokers LLC in Louisville.
  • August 2008 - OTC Global Holdings forms Choice Environmental LLC in Houston.
  • July 2008 - OTC Global Holdings forms Valence Energy LLC in New York.
  • October 2007 - OTC Global Holdings forms EOX Holdings LLC in New York and introduces EOXLive interactive, web-based trading platform. OTC Global Holdings brokers first crude and crude commodity products.
  • August 2007 - OTC Global Holdings acquires Power Merchants Group LLC in New York.
  • July 2007 - OTC Global Holdings acquires Elite Brokers LLC in Houston.
  • June 2007 - OTC Global Holdings acquires Black Barrel Energy LP in Houston.
  • May 2007 - OTC Global Holdings forms PVO Energy LP in New York.
  • March 2007 - OTC Global Holdings LP (OTCGH) formed in Houston by Javier Loya, then CEO of Houston-based energy brokerage firm Choice Energy. OTCGH acquires Choice Natural Gas, LP and Choice Power LP in Houston.

Key People[edit]

  • E. Javier Loya, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Joseph F. Kelly, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Joe Wright, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • Amit Sinha, Head of Technology
  • David Ratliff, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Eric Scharf, Director of Marketing, EOX Holdings LLC
  • Campbell Faulkner, Senior Vice President, Chief Data Analyst


  • In September 2008, OTC Global Holdings was named to the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 List.
  • In February 2009, OTC Global Holdings was awarded “2008 Deal of the Year” by Energy Risk Magazine.
  • In May 2011, it was announced that OTC Global Holdings was named the 2011 "Broker of the Year" by Energy Risk Magazine.
  • In July 2011, OTCGH’s video was honored at the 32nd Annual Telly Awards with a bronze award in the recruitment category. [24]
  • In September 2016, OTC Global Holdings Voted #1 Broker In Henry Hub, Eastern & Western US/Canada Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids.
  • In September 2016, OTC Global Holdings named 2016’s “Broker of the Year” by Energy Risk.
  • In September 2017, OTC Global Holdings recognized as 2017’s “Broker or the Year” by Energy Risk
  • In May 2019, OTC Global Holdings named 2019 “Broker of the Year” by Energy Risk.


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