Patricia Kevin-Schuler

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Patricia Kevin-Schuler
Occupation Vice President, Business Development
Employer Boston Options Exchange
Location Chicago
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Patty Kevin-Schuler is vice president, business development at the Boston Options Exchange. She was previously vice president of sales, her starting role at BOX, which she joined in February of 2011. She has also been actively involved in the Security Traders Association of Chicago for several years as adviser, director, various officer positions, and was the president of STAC for the 2011-12 year. [1][2]

In October 2011, Schuler was named the national governor of the Security Traders Association (STA) board. She serves a two-year term, effective January 1, 2012.[3]


Prior to joining the BOX, Schuler started her career on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1986. [4] She started working for H.A. Brandt and Associates, which were acquired by First Options of Chicago. She spent nine years working for FOC in several capacities from runner, to crowd clerk, to institutional and retail phone clerk. She worked for two independent market makers on the floor of the CBOE for two years where she learned how to trade options and manage risk. She also worked for O’Connor Shamrock as a floor manager involved in daily stock and options executions. In 1997 she started with Pax Clearing Corporation and oversaw the daily stock and options trading floor operations on theCBOE, AMEX, PHLX, and PCX. She was instrumental in developing the firm’s front-end stock and options trading platform. After her time at Pax Clearing, she went to work with Electronic Brokerage Systems/Belzberg Technologies and helped developed the HyTS Trading Platform (an all electronic options trading system) with EBS/Belz and the CBOE.

She was hired full time by the CBOE in 2004 as director of business development for CBOE and CBOE Stock Exchange. She was responsible for sales and marketing of the HyTS trading platform. She worked with the exchange staff and CBOE customers to implement the automation of tied option orders for CBOEdirect. Most recently, she worked with the President of CBSX, David Harris, to implement strategic planning and marketing initiatives.


Schuler earned a bachelors of arts from DePaul University in 1995.