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Paul Meier
Occupation Chairman
Employer SFOA
Location Switzerland

Paul Meier is the chairman of the Swiss Futures and Options Association. He formerly was a director of UBS Investment Bank in Zurich, where he worked in management and education in the exchange-traded derivatives area. He joined the board of SFOA in 1997 and became its chairman in 2001.[1]


Meier grew up in Kilchberg near Zurich. His first job out of school was at the international trading house of Volkart Brothers in Winterthur, dealing mainly in coffee and cotton. After training, he was transferred to New York to work in the administration of Volkart Brothers' machine tool division. He was there for 17 years. The division closed in 1973, but Meier was newly married and wanted to stay in New York, so he took a job in the firm's coffee division. In 1975 the firm entrusted him with building up the derivatives department for Volkart's worldwide commodity trading network.

Meier managed Volkart Brokerage Inc., later known as Marshal, French & Lucas, for 10 years before deciding to return to Switzerland at the end of 1985. He joined UBS, which had just started up a new exchange traded derivatives section. In addition to being an active trader there, he also worked on internal and external education. After UBS merged with SBC in June 1988, he took a break from trading and is now active in client relations management and education.[2]


Five Minute Interview[edit]