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FTSE Russell banner 2016.gif

RTS Realtime Systems Group, now part of Bloomberg, offers direct market access to over 135+ exchanges and liquidity pools through its deployed trading screens and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Through its worldwide data centers, RTS provides high-speed connectivity options, professional IT infrastructure and application services provider (ASP) solutions - True DMA (True Direct Market Access).

Global reach across all asset classes: futures, options, equities, FX.

RTS gateways in Asia Pacific[edit]

RTS gateways in Europe[edit]



RTS gateways in India & the Middle East[edit]

RTS gateways in North America[edit]

RTS Worldwide FX Market Places[edit]

  • Baxter’s multibank ECN for OTC-FX
  • Institutional Spot Foreign Exchange ECN
  • Spot Foreign Exchange ECN