Reserve Bank of Australia

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Reserve Bank of Australia
Founded 1959
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Web site

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is responsible for monetary policy in Australia. Policy decisions are made by the Reserve Bank Board, with the objective of achieving low and stable inflation over the medium term.

In 1911, legislation established the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In 1959, this original body corporate was preserved as the Reserve Bank of Australia in legislation, specifically to carry on the central banking functions; at that same time, the commercial and savings banking functions were transferred into a new institution, which carried on the old name of Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Other major roles of the RBA include maintaining financial system stability and promoting the safety and efficiency of the payments system. The Bank is an active participant in financial markets, manages Australia's foreign reserves, issues Australian currency notes and serves as banker to the Australian Government. The information provided by the Reserve Bank includes statistics on interest rates, exchange rates and money and credit growth and a range of publications on its operations and research.[1]


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