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Revendex logo.png
Founded 2003
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Key People Peter M. Hollenstein, Managing Director; Dr. Bernhard Kessler, Managing Director
Employees 14 staff members; 20 external employees
Products Consulting

Revendex Group is a software and consulting firm founded in 2003 focusing on servicing financial institutions. The firm, based just outside Zurich, offers a post-trade settlement system for brokers and banks.[1]

Products and Services[edit]

Revendex' specialty lies in derivatives software development and related consulting work surrounding project and cost management.

It offers a real-time back-office solution for derivatives called primedex. The product, which took four years to develop and was introduced in 2016, is a Java and C coded system that is designed to work on listed and OTC markets. The company competes with industry legacy behemoth's ION Trading's Rolfe & Nolan Plc platform and FIS Stream, (formerly Sungard's GMI platform. The linux-based platform is designed to be flexible and adaptable to existing back office technology systems. [2]

Key People[edit]

Peter Hollenstein, managing director

Bernhard Kessler, managing director

Vanessa Kessler, managing director


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