Rona Fairhead

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Rona Fairhead
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Occupation Chairman of the Board at Interactive
Employer Interactive Data
Location London

Rona Fairhead has been chairman of the board of directors for Interactive Data since Sept. of 2007.

She was also chief executive officer of the Financial Times Group and announced in November of 2012 that she would step down from the position at the end of 2012. Fairhead also holds positions on the Pearson's board of directors and HSBC Holdings plc.[1]


Fairhead joined Pearson in October 2001 and by June 2006, she had been appointed chief executive of the Financial Times Group. Prior to Pearson, Fairhead worked at ICI plc, an international specialty chemicals and paints company, as executive vice president. She also worked in the aerospace industry for Bombardier/Shorts Aerospace and British Aerospace and for awhile at Morgan Stanley.


Fairhead has a law degree from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.[2]


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