S10Y / Small 10YR US Treasury Yield

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Small 10YR US Treasury Yield simplifies variables in interest rates into a single, succinct yield so that you can skip the calculations that translate yield to price. It is offered by The Small Exchange.[1]

S10Y / Small 10YR US Treasury Yield
Symbol S10Y
Intraday Limits 175 ticks and 350 ticks
Daily Limit 500 ticks
Initial Margin $275.00
Maintenance Margin $250.00
Trading Hours Monday - Friday from 7am-4pm CT
Termination The contract expires at 3pm CT on the 3rd Friday of the contract month. If the 3rd Friday is a market holiday, expiration is on the Thursday prior to the Friday holiday.
Size $1,300
Contract Size 100x current price
Tick Size \ Dollar per Tick $0.01 tick = $1.00 per tick
Available Contracts All Smalls are available for current and following month.
Settlement Cash-settled