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Scoach Europe AG
Founded 2006
Headquarters Frankfurt
Products Structured products exchange

Scoach Europe AG is a joint venture between Deutsche Borse AG and the SIX Swiss Exchange (an entity comprised of the former SWX Group, SIS Group and Telekurs Group). Scoach is an exchange for structured products.[1]

Scoach in Switzerland and Germany lists a range of structured products, branded as investments that include certificates such as discount, bonus, index, outperformance, express, basket, sprint, guaranteed and alpha, as well as reverse convertibles. The exchange also lists leveraged products such as knockout and exotic warrants.

The exchange was originally named Alex, but after a trademark dispute over the use of the name, it was renamed Scoach in January of 2007.[2]

In February 2013, the two exchanges announced that the Scoach joint venture would be terminated as of June 30, 2013, after SIX decided to end the cooperation agreement. When the platform disbands, products will migrate to the two exchanges.[3]

Key People[edit]