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State Street Global Exchange (SSGX)
State Street Logo.jpg
Founded 2013
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts
Key People Jeff Conway, Exchange Head

State Street Global Exchange (SSGX) is State Street Corp.'s trading facility. It offers proprietary data, investment analytics, data management, portfolio modeling, and electronic trading and clearing, among other services. [1] [2]


In December of 2013, State Street Global Exchange (SSGX) was launched by State Street Corp., a U.S. financial services group, in response to new technologies and growth of electronic trading in financial services. [3]

On February 20, 2014, SSGX announced it had launched its first online multi-sponsor Exchange Traded Fund(ETF) platform for Authorized Participants (APs) in Europe. [4]

On March 4, 2014, State Street Global Exchange announced it was expanding its futures business to begin trading futures for rival institutional investors. The exchange plans to trade listed derivatives on global exchanges as an agency broker later in the month. [5] [6]

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