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Steve Wang
Steve wang.jpg
Occupation President
Employer Taiwan Futures Exchange
Location Taipei, Taiwan

Steve Wang is the former president of the Taiwan Futures Exchange (Taifex), and was appointed to the role in July 2006 having worked on the preparatory committee which established the organization in 1997 after holding positions in Asia and the U.S. within the brokerage, banking and exchange industry.[1][2]


Wang was born and raised in South Korea. He joined the Taifex from Polaris Man Financial Futures in Taipei, where he had been vice chairman since September 2005. He was president of Fuh-Hwa Futures Corporation in Taipei from 2003-2005 and president of Grand Cathay Futures Corporation from 1993-2003. Wang was director of Asian development for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, joining the CME from Dean Witter in Chicago.

Wang was chairman of the Chinese National Futures Association.[3]


Wang attended college in Taiwan in 1969, and he earned an MBA from Portland State University.


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