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Stocktwits Logo.jpg
Founded 2008
Headquarters Coronado, CA
Key People Howard Lindzon, Co-Founder and CEO
Products Information Service For Investments
Twitter @StockTwits
StockTwits StockTwits
Website [
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StockTwits is a finance and market focused communications service. Founded in 2008, the service was originally built on the Twitter platform, but has since migrated to its own platform. Co-Founder and CEO Howard Lindzon said in September 2012 that 70% of messages posted by their more than 200,000 members originated on StockTwits (the remaining messages originating on other social networks). Users, which include investors, analysts and media, can connect their StockTwits account to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.[1] StockTwits also runs a financial blog network.

StockTwits will be adding, "live trading as an option for its users within the platform. The first assets Stocktwits users will be able to trade are cryptocurrencies." [2]


StockTwits originally created the "$TICKER tag" to organize Twitter posts about markets and individual stocks. Twitter users that connect their accounts to StockTwits are able to include a tag (ex: $AAPL for Apple Inc.) in their Twitter message to have it aggregated on StockTwits. While the original Twitter functionality still exists, users can now post messages, links and charts directly to StockTwits and any connected social media accounts simultaneously. StockTwits users can follow messages from individual users or stocks.[3]

In July 2012, Twitter announced the launch of the "cashtags" – clickable tags based on company ticker symbols:[4]

In a blog post, Lindzon expressed his disappointment with Twitter "hijacking" their idea claiming, "Stocktwits provides context, curation and community," while Twitter's cahstags often aggregate irrelevant messages.[5] In January 2013, StockTwits officially announced they would drop the ability for users to post to their StockTwits accounts from Twitter, effective March 1, 2013.[6]

In October 2009, StockTwits formed a partnership with the CME Group.[7]

Products and Services[edit]

  • Free and premium StockTwits accounts
  • Free and premium blogs
  • Investor communications solutions

Key People[edit]