Saurav (Sunny) Arora

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Saurav (Sunny) Arora
Sunny Arora.jpg
Occupation President, business development and marketing
Employer United Stock Exchange of India
Location Mumbai

Suarav (Sunny) Arora is president, business development and marketing at United Stock Exchange of India(USE).

He is also president of Jaypee International Inc., responsible for new business initiatives within the Americas and Europe.[1]

Arora has extensive knowledge about Asian markets and specifically Indian markets, products and trading strategies. Arora previously served as senior vice president at Jaypee Capital Services Ltd., parent of Jaypee International, India’s largest derivatives trading firm..

Additionally, he was active in the creation and operation of the USE.

Five Minutes with Sunny Arora[edit]

Sunny Arora spoke with John J. Lothian editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf in March 2011 on a Five Minutes with Sunny Arora interview.



In February 2010, Arora wrote an article about India's potential growth for SFO Magazine.