Swiss Futures and Options Association

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Swiss Futures and Options Association
Founded 1979
Headquarters Chêne-Bourg, Switzerland
Products Advocacy association for futures (and options) industry, reports, publications, conferences
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The Swiss Futures and Options Association (SFOA) held its inaugural meeting in 1980 as the Swiss Commodities Industry Association, adding "futures" and "options" to its name (Swiss Commodity Futures and Options Association - SCFOA) before adopting the SFOA name in 1997.[1] In January 2016 it was reborn as the International Commodities and Derivatives Association (ICDA).

The association was founded as a non-profit professional association for the purpose of promoting derivative financial instruments, particularly standard futures and options contracts on financial instruments and commodities, to the widest possible audience.

The creation of the association was the result of extensive preparatory work undertaken by an ad-hoc committee of the CFTC International Advisory Committee formed on the suggestion of the American Ambassador in Bern at the time.

SFOA serves users of commodity and financial derivatives, as well as professionals, their institutions and the exchanges.

Each year since 1998, the association has held its annual autumn meeting, generally in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, hosting institutional professionals and exchange officials, and covering pertinent issues relating to the markets, regulation and competition. In 2008, it was held in Interlaken, Switzerland.



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