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Taiwan Securities Association
Founded 1956
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Products Securities industry association
Web site www.csa.org

The Taiwan Securities Association (CTSA) was originally founded in February of 1956 as the Taipai Securities Dealer Association. In 1998, the association was incorporated and renamed the Taiwan Securities Association upon official approval of the Ministry of Interior.

The Association new association consolidated the Taipei Securities Association and Kaohsiung Securities Association on July 31, 1999 and December 31, 1999 respectively, and became the only securities association throughout Taiwan.

The association is primarily involved in helping securities industry improve its competitiveness via facilitation the dialogue between industry and regulators and through research on new business and financial products.[1]

Its mission is to coordinate the efforts among securities companies in Taiwan to promote the national economic development while coordinate the relations among member companies, to pursue the commonwealth of the society as well as protect the interests of investors.[2]


It was originally named the Taipei Securities Dealer Association and was located in Taipei city as a regional association. CTSA formally became a unique national securities association following the merger with Kaohsiung Securities Dealers Association on Dec. 31, 1999. Its membership included 156 securities firms and bank's securities divisions as on June 13, 2007, which operated a total of 1,029 branch offices in addition to their headquarters offices.

On Aug. 7, 2008 the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) and the Chinese Taiwan Securities Association (CTSA) signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the relationship between the two entities, cope jointly with changes in international financial markets and to further develop the securities industry in the markets that each association represents.[3]


  • TSA Member Companies [4]

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