The NASDAQ Options Market

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NASDAQ Options Exchange

Nasdaq OMX offers two options trading venues, NASDAQ OMX PHLX, formed when it acquired the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and The Nasdaq Options Market (NOM), which it built. The Nasdaq Options Market offers electronic trading and a price/time priority model.

It also offers low-latency trading, routing to other exchanges, price improvement, and reserve and minimum acceptable quantity (MAQ) orders, as well as Depth of Market and Best of NASDAQ Options proprietary data feeds.[1]


Nasdaq was motivated to start an options market partly by the announcement of the SEC's penny pilot program, which promised to create opportunities for new entrants into the options sphere. It acquired the technology it needed to build an options exchange when it bought the ECN Instinet in 2005. [2] [3]

The NASDAQ Options Market received approval from the SEC in March of 2008.[4]

It launched on March 31, 2008. Initial products were options on QQQQ and AMAT. [5]

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