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William Easley
William Easley, Vice Chairman Box Options Exchange.jpg
Occupation Vice Chairman and Acting CEO
Employer Boston Options Exchange
Location Chicago, IL USA
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.bostonoptions.com

Will Easley is a managing director at Aragon Solutions Ltd.

He is also the vice chairman of the Boston Options Exchange (BOX), which commenced trading in February of 2004.[1] [2]


William Easley has been with BOX since its inception, joining as project manager in September 2001. He began serving as an interim CEO when previous CEO Scott Morris stepped down. [3]Easley implemented BOX's make or take pricing model and has added enhancements to the exchange's best execution and price improvement operations.

Prior to that, he worked as a consultant for the Montreal Exchange (2000-01) and Euronext SA in Paris (1997-2000), concentrating on the transfer of floor-based markets to an automated trading environment in Asia, South America and Canada as well as Europe.

From 1987 until 1996, he ran an options market making and index arbitrage group in Paris, trading primarily on the Monep and Matif. In previous lives, he worked as an internal auditor and commercial artist.


He holds an MBA in finance and marketing from McGill University (Montreal) and a BA in political science and history from Vanderbilt University (Nashville).

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