Women in Mining Canada

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Women in Mining Canada
WIM Canada.jpg
Founded 2009
Headquarters Toronto
Key People Jean Lucas, President
Products National not-for-profit organization focused on mining & mineral exploration
Website www.wimcanada.org
Releases Company News

Women in Mining Canada (WIM Canada) is a national not-for-profit focused on the attraction, retention and advancement of women in the mining and mineral exploration industries in Canada.


WIM Canada was founded in 2009.

Products and Services[edit]

WIM Canada works with 12 WIM branches in Canada to aide in the personal and professional development of women in mining, and to bring national attention to the issues faces the mining sector in Canada.

Mission statement:

  • To work with the minerals and mining industry to develop tools and programs that facilitate increased attraction, retention and advancement of women;
  • To collaborate with WIM branches in sharing knowledge, best practices, and personal and professional development opportunities across Canada;
  • To provide a supportive mentoring network and a national resource for connecting members to public and private sector entities looking to fill their ranks with qualified individuals; and
  • To advocate for increased public support for the mining and exploration industry.[1]

Key People[edit]