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The Woolen Exchange in London was a marketplace located in the city of London that specialized in the trade of wool and woolen goods. It was one of several wool exchanges that were established in various cities throughout Europe during the medieval period.

The Woolen Exchange in London was located in the heart of the city's financial district and was a center of international trade. It was a place where wool merchants from all over Europe came to buy and sell wool and woolen goods. The exchange was known for its strict regulations and quality control measures, which helped to ensure that the wool being traded there was of high quality.

The Woolen Exchange in London was an important economic institution in medieval England and played a significant role in the development of international trade and commerce during this period. It was also an important source of revenue for the city, as merchants paid fees to use the exchange's facilities.

The Woolen Exchange in London continued to operate until the late 19th century, when it was replaced by newer, more modern marketplaces. Today, the site of the former Woolen Exchange is home to a number of office buildings and is a bustling hub of commercial activity.[1]