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A. John Yavari
Occupation Partner
Employer Auctos Capital Management
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile

John Yavari is a partner at Auctos Capital Management. He shares daily management and operational responsibilities with the management company. He is also a partner at Century Group Trading, LLC.


Prior to joining Auctos, Yavari helped for Focus Ventures LLC in 2003. He managed a proprietary trading group and provided management and funding for development projects.

Yavari has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade since 1998 and continues to be an independent trader in the agricultural and treasury markets. He is also a registered floor broker and member of the National Futures Association.

He has chaired and served on various Chicago Board of Trade committees including Floor Governors, Nominating, Arbitration, Probable Cause and Hearing Committee. [1]



LinkedIn Profile


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