Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa

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Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa
Headquarters Lilongwe, Malawi
Key People Ian Goggin, CEO

The Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa is an Internet based regional agricultural commodity exchange operating in the spot and forward markets[1]. ACE was founded with the help of The U.S. Agency for International Development.

It is intended to give small- scale farmers leverage in negotiating for their crops by providing farmers with reliable market information, both pre- and post-harvest, which improves competition and communications, and ensures higher prices for higher quality[2].

ACE also has helped improve access to local, regional and international markets for farmers, offering full transparency, enforceable contracts, an arbitration facility and more efficient and cost effective markets.

Products and Services[edit]

Groundnuts, whole cotton seed, hominy chop, cotton seed meal, maize bran, sugar beans, soya beans and jatropha seed

Key People[edit]

Ian Goggin, CEO