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John Lothian News Team


The MarketsWiki Development Team is the group of people who started the work on MarketsWiki's development during the first years.

John Lothian and Jon Matte founded MarketsWiki, which is owned by John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. Jon Matte was the chief operating officer of JJLCO and John Lothian was the CEO and President. The original technology work was done by Matte, with the help of some friends, starting on August 1, 2007.

Jim Kharouf was brought on by JJLCO as editor-in-chief in the fall of 2007 of what became John Lothian News. Gail Osten was contracted with to work in the options exchanges, some of which were early sponsors of MarketsWiki. Sarah Rudolph joined the team in November of 2007. She would later become the managing editor of John Lothian News and then later replaced Kharouf as editor-in-chief.

Jeff Bergstrom joined the team in November of 2007 and would become CIO of JJLCO.

Ryan Lothian joined the team in March of 2009 and helped develop a new dynamic front page of MarketsWiki and brought Web 2.0 ideas to John Lothian News.

Patrick Lothian joined JJLCO in 2010 and became its lead videographer.

Doug Ashburn joined JJLCO as an intern to help develop MarketsReformWiki and stayed to become a key editorial and business development employee for the firm.

Rachel Koning Beals was the assistant editor of Environmental Markets Newsletter and helped develop the environmental content on MarketsWiki.

Laura Oatney was an early contributor to MarketsWiki, as was Doug Cameron before he joined Dow Jones.

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