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Chris Tupker
Occupation Chairman
Employer LCH.Clearnet
Location London, England

A. Chris Tupker is chairman of LCH.Clearnet Group Limited. On September 21, 2009, it was announced Tupker would step down when a new chairman was appointed in 2010. [1] On March 1, 2010, Jacques Aigrain was appointed to take over the charimanship from Tupker on April 6. [2]


Tupker was chairman of the board of directors of Euroclear plc, a user-owned company, from 2000-2006. He was also chairman of the board of directors of Euroclear SA/NV, the holding company for the operating subsidiaries of the Euroclear group. These boards, composed primarily of Euroclear clients, are responsible for Euroclear’s governance and strategic direction. Tupker’s role as chairman was non-executive.[3]

Previously, Tupker was senior executive vice president at ABN AMRO, where he worked in London and Amsterdam from 1988 to 2002. Before 1988, he worked for 20 years at Scotia McLeod Inc., a Canadian investment bank, in Toronto, London, Montreal and New York.

Tupker is a Canadian citizen but lives in London, where he is a member of the Guild of International Bankers and The Hurlingham Club.


Tupker holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto in Canada.