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Irish Stock Exchange
Irish Stock Exchange Logo.jpg
Headquarters Ireland
Key People Deirdre Somers, Chief Executive

As an important component of the financial infrastructure of Ireland, The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) started in 1793 when it opened for trading in Dublin.[1] The exchange is powered by Xetra and EuroNTS and is regulated by the Financial Regulator. It trades equities on ISE Xetra and government bonds on EuroNTS and is one of the leading venues for listing debts and funds in Europe. It has over 31,000 securities listed on its markets from 80 countries around the world.[2]


Although it began in 1793, the Irish Stock Exchange was first recognized by legislation in 1799 after the Irish Parliament passed the Stock Exchange (Dublin) Act.[3] The ISE included various regional exchanges, such as the Cork and Dublin exchanges, throughout different periods in its history. In 1973, the Irish exchange merged with the other British and Irish stock exchanges and became part of the International Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland, now known as the London Stock Exchange. The ISE became independent again in 1995 and has expanded internationally and established itself as a global listing center for international fund and debt securities.[4]

Exchange for Aviation-Related Debt[edit]

In January 2014, the ISE announced plans to create an exchange for aviation-related debt. The exchange opened at a time when carriers were looking for alternative methods to fund their fleets while still conserving cash.[5] The created exchange will trade aviation-related debt among other instruments. The ISE planned on becoming an international hub for aviation finance assets as the aviation industry's demand for non-traditional sources of finance grew.[6]

Products and Services[edit]

Equity & ISEQ Index

Partnerships and Alliances[edit]

The Irish Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in November 2014 with the goal of developing a mutually beneficial relationship between the exchanges.

Key People[edit]

  • Deirdre Somers, Chief Executive
  • Padraic O'Connor, Co-opted Director (Chairman)
  • Kevin Murphy, Co-opted Director
  • John Corrigan, Co-opted Director
  • Gary Britton, Co-opted Director[7]