Foundation for Managed Derivatives Research

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Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Products Provides grants for economics, business and financial research

Foundation for Managed Derivatives Research (FMDR) provides grants for economics, business and financial research that examine, on a scholarly basis, the use of derivative instruments - including futures contracts, options on futures contracts, forward contracts, and swaps - as an investment vehicle.

FMDR is a foundation established by Managed Funds Association (MFA) in 1994 to support scholarly research on the use of derivative instruments. MFA is the primary association representing professionals in the hedge fund industry.[1]

Managed Funds Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is the primary trade association representing professionals who specialize in alternative investment strategies including hedge funds, funds of funds and managed futures funds. MFA has over 1,000 members, which manage a significant portion of the over $1.2 trillion invested in hedge funds, including professionals affiliated with over three-quarters of the 50 largest hedge funds. Since its inception in 1991, MFA has provided industry leadership in government relations, communications, media relations, and education to MFA members and investors.

Grants up to $25,000 are available to universities, colleges, academic foundations, academic institutions, individuals, and research entities.[2]


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