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MarketsWiki is an online knowledge base focused on the global financial sector and features thousands of pages of content on people, firms, exchanges, contracts, terms and topics in the capital markets. The site also posts original interviews, videos and articles.

John's Letter - November 2008[edit]


Welcome to MarketsWiki. My name is John Lothian, the founder of MarketsWiki and publisher of the John Lothian Newsletters.

Back in 2007 I conducted a review of the John Lothian Newsletter, exploring why I started it, what was the status of the causes of why I did and what were the current challenges.

Back when JLN started in 2000, I was trying to help people manage the tremendous change impacting the futures and securities markets. We covered open outcry versus electronic trading, new regulations like the CFMA, new products like single stock futures, technology changes, exchange politics, consolidation and other non-price risk issues.

Moving forward to 2007, the issues were related, but different. The open outcry versus electronic trading issue had been mostly resolved, with most futures, options and stocks now traded electronically. However, this had largely detroyed the aggregation of intellectual capital on the trading floors and negatively impacted collaboration with this human knowledge base. The collision of futures and securities markets became a bigger issue as NYSE bought Euronext.liffe and Eurex bought ISE. Multi-asset class trading would bring new education challenges for both futures and securities professionals. Finally, the globalization of the markets created the need for local market knowledge about the exchanges, products, regulations, technologies and players.

MarketsWiki was launched to help people by building a knowledge base about the futures, securities, options, environmental and related OTC markets available to anyone with an Internet connection. Like the John Lothian Newsletters, it was meant to help people manage their non-price-oriented risk. We know first hand, the better you can manager your risk, the more risk you can take and the more liquid our markets are.

We like the logic and ease of use of the wiki software. We decided to build and develop MarketsWiki as an intelligent search engine and knowledge base in front of the websites and resources of the markets. We want you to start your search on MarketsWiki and we give you depth and context about your search subject and send you to the original sources of information for the facts you seek.

If you like MarketsWiki and find it valuable, we would love to have you become a contributor. All you have to do is become a paid subscribe to the John Lothian Newsletter.

We hope you find MarketsWiki and our newsletters valuable.


John J. Lothian
President & CEO
John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.