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International Options Market Association (IOMA)
Founded 1983
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Key People Jorge Alegria, Chairman

The International Options Market Association (IOMA) is a global group of exchanges and clearinghouses that trade and clear options on equities, indexes, debt, commodities and currencies. It is a division of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and exists to discuss and promote higher market standards and better regulatory policies.


IOMA was founded in Amsterdam in 1983 as the International Association of Options Exchanges and Clearing Houses. The group adopted its present title in 1993 and became affiliated with the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) in 2002, when it broadened its scope of interest to include options trading on futures and commodities[1].


IOMA membership is open to regulated exchanges and clearinghouses that facilitate options and futures contract trading. The International Options Clearing Association (IOCA) consists of clearinghouse members of IOMA. New members are elected as part of the association's annual meeting. Membership in IOMA is automatically included for those exchanges that are members of the WFE.

There are 38 IOMA members that trade futures and options contracts[2] and 20 members that perform post-trade activity.[3]

As of 2008, members included:

Key People[edit]

Board Directors[edit]

International Options Clearing Association (IOCA)[edit]

The International Options Clearing Association (IOCA) meets in conjunction with the IOMA annual meeting. IOCA is not a separate organization; rather it is a section within IOMA that consists of the clearinghouses that are members of IOMA.



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