Jennifer Ropiak

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Jennifer Ropiak
HAI JenniferRopiak.jpg
Occupation Director
Employer Trusted Partner Metals
Location New York

Jennifer Ropiak is director at Trusted Partner Metals and a precious and platinum group metals consultant. She was previously senior vice president at NYSE Liffe US.[1] where she ran the exchange's precious metals business and product development.


Before joining the exchange in 2008, Ropiak worked in the precious and platinum group metals OTC market for over 20 years. She spent 15 years at Morgan Stanley. Ropiak also has experience as a CTA and consulted a small hedge fund that traded physical gold.[2]

John Lothian News Interviews[edit]

Jennifer Ropiak of NYSE Liffe US Discusses Gold’s Market Impact & Options on Metals
Ropiak sat down with John Lothian News editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr to discuss gold‘s impact on the markets in the past year and the exchange’s recent listing of options on metals. Ropiak also commented on factors driving volumes and opportunities for arbitrage in 2012. Published April 12, 2012. Watch at[3]

Jennifer M. Ropiak – NYSE Liffe US [INTERVIEW] Jessica Titlebaum, editor-at-large of John Lothian News, talks with Ropiak to discuss patterns in the metals market, why silver has seen so much activity, and how trends in Asia may influence metals investors to take delivery on gold. Published May 3, 2011. Watch at[4]