Jill Johnston

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Jill Johnston
Occupation Assistant Federal Defender
Employer United States Department of Justice
Location Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Jill Johnston is the Northern Iowa-based assistant federal defender appointed to defend Russell Wasendorf, Sr., the CEO of PFGBest. The case surrounds Wassendorf's embezzlement of customer funds and his forging of bank statements to cover up the funding of his personal lifestyle. Johnston has served as a federal public defender since 2007. [1]


Johnston began her judicial career in private practice starting in 1994. From the late nineties until 2005, she served in a variety of public defender roles including as an assistant state public defender in Iowa and Colorado. From 2005-2007, Johnston served as a judicial magistrate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa before becoming an assistant federal defender. [2]


Johnston received her B.A. from Mt. Mercy College in 1991 and her J.D. from the University of Iowa in 1994.