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Joseph J. O'Neill
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Occupation Consultant
Location New York
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Joseph J. O'Neill is an independent consultant to futures and spot commodity industries. He was previously the senior executive vice president at the New York Board of Trade before retiring in 2007.[1]

He received the 2006 Patrick J. O’Shea Community Service Award at the NYBOT Futures & Options for Kids twelfth Annual Dinner Dance fundraising event, held in Lower Manhattan. [2]


O'Neill began his career in 1970 working at the New York Cotton Exchange. He served as president and CEO of the exchange from 1984 until 1998. After the cotton exchange merged with the NYBOT in 1998, O'Neill served as senior vice president.

In 2007, after NYBOT merged with the InterContinentalExchange, O'Neill became chairman of the ICE cotton committee.[3]

During the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, home of NYBOT, O'Neill was on a cotton trade mission in India.


O'Neill earned a bachelor of arts from Manhattan College in 1967. He earned an MBA from Adelphi University in 1980.[4]

John Lothian News Interview, August 2013[edit]

Joe O’Neill has been around the futures markets since 1970. If you stick around long enough, you will have seen just about everything. Such was the case in 1983 when he was proposed with the idea of filming a movie, “Trading Places” at the New York Board of Trade. Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2013, “Trading Places” is still considered the go-to movie when anyone in the industry talks about the futures markets, even if the floors ain’t what they used to be. O’Neill spoke with JLN editor-at-large Doug Ashburn about the making of “Trading Places,” how true the film is to real life and also shared some behind-the-scenes stories about the movie. Published August 8, 2013.