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SGX Reach is a trading engine initiated by Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) on Aug. 15, 2011. It is the world's fastest trading engine, offering 10 times more capacity and ultra-low latency of less than 90 microseconds.[1][2]


In 2011, SGX invested $250 million in improvements to enhance market quality and liquidity. SGX Reach, SGX Data Centre and SGX co-location services are all part of this effort. The latter two launched in April 2011.

SGX is a multi-asset class bourse in Asia. The exchange is growing through links with both regional exchanges as part of its "Asian Gateway" strategy. The SGX forged joint ventures with exchanges in India and Taiwan and plans to be the world's first official trading exchange to back an investment dark pool.

The Singapore Exchange ranked as the world's 28th-largest derivatives exchange by volume in 2010, moving falling from the 26th position from the previous year. Total volumes for the year were up 16 percent from 2009, according to the Futures Industry Association's (FIA) latest volume rankings for 2010.[3] The FIA report, published in March of 2011, states that the total amount of futures and options traded on the exchange was over 61.75 million contracts.