Stephen Davy

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Stephen Davy
Occupation Chief Information Officer of Newedge Americas
Employer Newedge

Stephen Davy was named chief information officer for Newedge Americas and head of sales technology globally on February 19, 2009.[1]

Davy oversees Newedge Group's technical support of its sales and customer service activities, IT strategy for Newedge Americas, project oversights, team leadership and development. He also helps with Newedge's overall technology platform. He works with Jean-Luc Savignac, Newedge Americas chief operating officer.


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Prior to joining Newedge, Davy served as chief information officer at Altria Group, the largest cigarette maker in the U.S. There he also worked on technology initiatives for its Kraft Foods spin off and led the global technology function for the group. Davy joined the company in 1999.[2]

He also worked as head of technology for capital markets and trading at Barclays Capital and also worked at JP Morgan Chase.