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== History ==
== History ==
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== Areas of Practice ==
== Areas of Practice ==

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TABB Group
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Founded 2003
Headquarters Westborough, MA
Products Financial markets' research and strategic advisory firm focused on capital markets
Website www.tabbgroup.com

TABB Group is a financial markets' research and strategic advisory firm focused on capital markets. The firm is based on the methodology of first-person knowledge. TABB Group analyzes and quantifies the investing value chain from the fiduciary, investment manager, broker, exchange and custodian, as well as the operations that support them.[1]


Areas of Practice[edit]

Key People[edit]

Examples Of Reports[edit]

In January of 2009, TABB Group published the European-focused research report “Clearing in European Equities: Competition and Consolidation,” and said competition in the clearing space across Europe must be accompanied by consolidation to provide a sufficiently robust and commercially viable environment.[2]


  • In May of 2007, Jeffrey Linderman joined the firm as a senior research analyst based in the firm's New York office.[3]


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