Thomas Cunningham

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Thomas Cunningham
Occupation Chairman
Employer [[CBOT]]
Location Chicago

[[Category:CBOT - Current Employees]] [[Category:CBOT]] Thomas Cunningham was the chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade from 1983-1984. Cunningham was also a pit trader of corn futures at the CBOT. He passed away on August 20, 2012, at the age of 74. [1]


Cunningham started trading in the late 60's, borrowing money from his wife's family to buy a floor membership. After years of success, he was appointed chairman of the CBOT, overseeing the years of rapid exchange growth, when options on futures were introduced. He was seen as a mentor to many and was known for having great reserve even when taking large financial losses.


Cunningham received a law degree from Depaul University and is a graduate of Fenwick high school in Oak Park, Ill.