Young-Tak Lee

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Young-Tak Lee
Young-Tak Lee pic.gif
Occupation Chairman and CEO
Employer [[Korea Exchange]]
Location Pusan, South Korea

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Young Tak Lee is chairman & CEO of Korea Exchange (KRX), assuming the position in January 2005 with its formation from the merger of the country's stock market and derivatives platforms. KRX incorporates the world's largest futures and options platform by contract volume in 2006.


Lee was South Korea's Minister for Government Policy Coordination for two years before his appointment at the KRX, rejoining the administration following a three-year spell as chairman of the Korea Technology and Banking Network[1]

Other government roles included: chief assistant to the prime minister for policy coordination; assistant minister in the budget of office of the Ministry of Finance and Economy; secretary to the president for finance and economy; and director general of the securities bureau at the finance ministry.


Lee passed the Higher Civil Service Examination in 1969 and received a PhD in Economics from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul in 2001.


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